Tap to Pay with Contactless Payment Cards

Customer tapping credit card to pay.

Tap to Pay

Pay with a single tap. It’s that simple. With a Regions Visa® contactless chip card, you can tap to pay for everyday purchases.1

It's Fast, Simple and Secure

The new contactless payment option combines the best of existing chip card technology and security with the convenience and speed of wireless technology.

  • Fast: Tap to pay is faster than swiping or searching for cash.
  • Simple: Quickly tap your card over the checkout terminal.
  • Secure: Enjoy the same security as EMV chip cards.

How to Tap to Pay

tap to pay symbol

1. Look

Regions cards with this Contactless Indicator have the technology for tap to pay. Look for this indicator on the back of your card.2

Tap to pay logo

2. Tap

The Contactless Symbol will appear on terminals enabled for tap payments. Tap or place your card within 1-2 inches of the reader.

Checkmark with circle

3. Go

That’s it! It takes seconds for a secure transaction. Plus, you can still insert your card to pay at chip-enabled terminals.

Regions credit card

Is It Secure?

Visa contactless cards use the same unique security as EMV chip cards to protect your payment information.

Which cards offer contactless pay?

Tap to Pay is available for Regions Now Cards®, debit cards and credit cards.

Regions Credit Cards

Still have questions about contactless payments?