Ways to Pay

Customer using smartphone to tap to pay at register.

Ways to Pay

We provide convenient and secure ways to pay with Regions credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Customer tapping credit card to pay.

Tap to Pay

Pay with a single tap. With a Regions Visa® contactless card, you can tap to pay for fast and secure checkout. 1


Insert the Chip

Insert the embedded microchip into the terminal for secure payment.

Credit Card Inserted into credit card reader.

Pay with Mobile

Add your Regions card to a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay® 2  or Google Pay® 3 , to use in stores, in apps and online.

Pay with Peace of Mind

Chip and near-field communication (NFC) technology provide convenient and secure ways to pay. Each transaction utilizes the same dynamic security as EMV chip cards to protect your payment information. Learn more about contactless payments, mobile pay and chip technology.