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    Jessica Schultz is a Wealth Advisor for Regions Private Wealth Management in Indianapolis, IN. As an advisor for high-net-worth individuals and families, Jessica provides personalized wealth planning informed by institutional expertise and tailored to your situation.

    Your financial needs will evolve throughout your lifetime. Through strategic planning from a team of professionals, Regions can help you set and prioritize goals so you can focus on life’s moments while enjoying peace of mind for your financial future.

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    • Charitable giving
    • Natural resources and real estate
    • Personal banking and custom credit solutions
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Regions Private Wealth Management can provide effective wealth planning solutions led by a local Wealth Advisor who is supported by a team of professionals with experience in preserving and growing wealth, legacy planning, property and portfolio management and more. We can manage your asset management needs under one roof and design a customized wealth plan tailored to your specific goals and aspirations, with exclusive access to tools and resources.

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Whether you are early in your journey of financial planning and investing, or managing a high-net-worth portfolio, trust Regions for guidance that can prepare you for every step and every major life moment