Roadside Assistance FAQs

What exactly is covered under the Regions Roadside Assistance program?

Many types of emergency roadside assistance, including 24-hour, toll-free assistance, towing, jumpstarts, automobile lockout, flat tire assistance, winching and fuel delivery.

Roadside assistance is limited to a combined four service incidents per membership year up to a maximum of $100 per event.

Additional services include our special Roadside Connect feature, which helps you connect with medical and public safety personnel when necessary, as well as membership in Cross Country Perks, a nationwide discount program offering easy savings on a growing list of high quality brands, leading retailers, online stores and popular service providers.

Can I be towed to my own repair center?

Regions Roadside Assistance will tow you to the closest qualified repair facility or to the destination of your choice up to a maximum of $100 per event. You are covered for up to four service incidents per year.

Who performs the services offered by Regions Roadside Assistance?

Cross Country Motor Club is the provider for Regions Roadside Assistance.* Founded in 1972, Cross Country employs more than 1,800 response specialists and manages a network of more than 30,000 towing and road service professionals to provide round-the-clock assistance to stranded motorists. Since its founding, Cross Country has assisted tens of millions of stranded motorists.

Over the past decade, Cross Country has received numerous awards for customer service excellence, including Contact Center World’s Best Customer Service Award and Contact Center World Award, the CRM Excellence Award from Customer Inter@actions Solutions Magazine and many other prestigious honors. Most importantly, this reputation for quality service is built each day on the services Cross Country provides to its Regions Roadside Assistance customers.

Who is covered for these services? 

One membership in the Regions Roadside Assistance covers you and one other household member – which can include a dependant up to age 22 living at home or away at college.

How much does Regions Roadside Assistance cost?

Regions Roadside Assistance costs $59.95 per year and is designed to provide peace of mind anywhere. The program helps you avoid any out-of-pocket costs for services of up to $100 per event and provides best-in-class roadside assistance services if you are seeking comprehensive coverage for roadside emergencies regardless of where or when your vehicle is disabled.

You’ll also enjoy savings from the Cross Country Perks program, a nationwide discount program which includes a growing list of high quality brands, leading retailers, online stores and popular service providers.

When does coverage begin? 

Services begin 72 hours after our acceptance of your enrollment.

What do I do if I need emergency roadside service?

Very simple. Call Regions Roadside Assistance toll-free at 1-888-346-3555, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please have your membership number available; you will find it on your membership ID card included in your Membership Welcome Kit. Tell the response specialist your exact location and the type of assistance required as well as your vehicle description and license plate number. You will be asked if you feel safe, and you should describe any safety concerns you may have so that the specialist can coordinate the appropriate assistance.

What happens next?

A response specialist will first address your safety concerns. If you are not in a safe location, the response specialist will keep you on the line while they contact emergency assistance for you. The response specialist will then arrange for the appropriate type of roadside help you require and provide you with information on when you may expect the arrival of the service professional. Additionally, you will be contacted after service to ensure that the services provided met your expectations.

Are there any other features of my coverage that I should know about?

Yes. Your membership entitles you to take advantage of Cross Country Perks, a national discount and savings program, whenever you shop with participating merchants.

Once you enroll, the Membership Welcome Kit mailed to you will include instructions on how to access Cross Country Perks’ secure Web site for up-to-the-minute deals from a growing list of high quality brands, leading retailers, online stores and popular service providers. Upon completing the Regions Roadside Assistance online enrollment form, you’ll be given a link to the Cross Country Perks site.

Your program also includes a valuable benefit we call Roadside Connect. If you should ever experience a vehicle disablement and feel in danger, our response specialists are specially trained to be able to connect you to public safety providers for the appropriate police, fire, or medical assistance should the situation warrant. We also provide urgent message relay to up to three of your closest friends or relatives.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the service?

Yes. Covered roadside assistance services are limited to four service incidents per membership year up to $100 per service incident. Service incidents include such things as towing, lockout, jumpstarts, fuel delivery and flat tires.  In addition, service will be provided for only one disablement incident resulting from the same cause during any seven-day period.

However, if more than four roadside incidences occur during a membership year, you may still contact our toll-free number. Regions Roadside Assistance will continue to dispatch service to your vehicle, but you will be required to pay for service at our discounted member rates.

How is the program billed?

You must pay your annual membership fee, via check or credit card, for enrollment in Regions Roadside Assistance.  For added convenience, simply check the auto-renewal option box we’ve included on the enrollment form.

When will I receive my Membership Welcome Kit?

Your Membership Welcome Kit will be shipped within 7-10 business days after our acceptance of your enrollment.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you feel that Regions Roadside Assistance is not for you, simply call 1-888-346-3555 to cancel.  You are entitled to a pro-rata refund unless your membership was obtained without payment by you, such as in conjunction with the purchase of another product, service or as a gift.

*Services in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming are provided by and /or through Cross Country Motor Club of California.