Loyalty Card FAQs - Purchaser




What is the Regions Loyalty Card?
The Regions Loyalty Card is a non-reloadable prepaid card that is used for loyalty, award, or promotional purposes. The Card is a single load, prepaid product and cannot be reloaded.



Where can the Regions Loyalty Card be used?
The Regions Loyalty Card can be used anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted. Regions may authorize and hold more than the purchase amounts until the finalized purchases are posted to the Card. Restrictions may apply with some merchants and some transaction types. Cash withdrawals or PIN based purchases with cash back are not permitted. See Card Terms and Conditions for details.



Where can a Regions Loyalty Card be purchased?
Regions Loyalty Cards can be purchased at any Regions branch location or by contacting your Business or Commercial Banker.



How much does Regions Loyalty Card cost?
The cost is $3 per Card plus a $20 per order processing fee. The minimum per order is 25 Cards. The Cards are funded by transferring funds from an existing Regions Checking or Savings account.



How much can be loaded to a Regions Loyalty Card?
Cards can be loaded in amounts ranging from $10 to $500 in increments of $5.



What is the Standard Emboss line for the Regions Loyalty Card?
If a customer does not request any personalized embossing, the Loyalty Card will read "Regions Card".



What is the Personalized Emboss line for Regions Loyalty Card and is there a fee?
Cards can be customize on the emboss line as a way to personalize the card for your particular reason. The cost is $50 per order and some restrictions do apply.



Who can purchase the Regions Loyalty Cards?
Any Regions Checking or Savings account customers can purchase the Regions Loyalty Card.



Can the Regions Loyalty Card be used internationally?
No, the Regions Loyalty Card cannot be used internationally and can only be used in the United States.



Does the Regions Loyalty Card expire?
Yes, the Card and any remaining balance will expire at the Card expiration date that is printed on the front of each Card.



Can the Regions Loyalty Card be returned to the bank?
Cards that have not been used and that have not received a PIN number may be returned to us within 90 days after the date the Purchaser (Program Sponsor) purchased the Card from us. The balance of funds on the Card will be credited to the Purchasers (Program Sponsors) account - no exceptions.


Use of card is subject to the terms and conditions of the card agreement. For further details regarding the above questions, please refer to the card Terms and Conditions.