Consumer Fraud Protection

Protect yourself and your accounts from fraud.

Stay informed about financial fraud, scams, identity theft and how to keep yourself safe.

Fraud Resources for Consumers

Prevent Fraud

Identify and Prevent Fraud

Get tips about habits and tools that you can use to protect yourself and your devices.

How We Help Protect You

How We Help Protect You

Learn about Regions services that can help protect your accounts and alert you to account activity.

How to Report Fraud

How to Report Fraud

If you notice suspicious activity on your account, it's a good idea to contact us right away.

Text message scams — also called “robotexts” or “smishing” — are on the rise. Know how to recognize a suspicious message and what to do if you receive one.

Fraud Awareness Education

Fraud Awareness and Education

Financial fraud can happen to anyone. There are many ways you can reduce your exposure to financial scams and identity theft. Learn more about common financial scams, along with ways to identify them early and how you can protect yourself.

Manage and Protect Your Cards

As digital transactions become more common, it's important to reduce your risk of becoming the victim of credit card scams or unauthorized activity on your cards.

Manage and Protect Cards
Report and Recover Fraud

Report and Recover from Fraud

If you think you've been a victim of financial fraud, act quickly to keep your finances — and your identity — firmly in your control.

Protect your business

See how to spot fraud and cybercrime, and understand how Regions products and services can help protect your business.