Creating a Stop Payment

* The following instructions assume you have logged in to Online Banking and are starting from the Account Summary page.

Step 1: From the Customer Service tab, simply select Create a Stop Payment located in the Payment Services section.

Step 2: Select the account you would like to request a stop payment on from the Checking Account drop-down list.

Step 3: Enter the Check Number for the check that you are requesting a stop payment.

Step 4: Enter the Amount of the check.

Step 5: Enter the Payee for whom the check was written.

Step 6: Select a reason for the stop payment request from the Reason for Stop Payment drop-down list. Then select Continue.

Step 7: Verify the information that you entered is correct and read the Disclaimer. Then select Submit. If you need to make any changes, select Previous.

Step 8: Select Done to acknowledge your stop payment has been successfully submitted.