Set Up A Category

* The following instructions assume you have logged in to Online Banking and are starting from the Account Summary page.

Step 1: Select Add Categories from the Accounts menu in the top navigation.

Step 2:

For Option 1: This option allows you to set up categories from our predefined list. To use this option, simply choose the category you would like to use and select Continue.

For Option 2: This option provides you the ability to create a new category that is not currently in the predefined category list above. To use the option, simply select Define your own Category.

Step 3: If you choose Option 2, enter the Category Name for the category you wish to create.

*If you choose Option 1, simply follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 4: Enter a description of the category in the Category Description field.

Step 5: Choose what type of category you wish to create.

Step 6: Select whether this category is Tax Related and select Submit.

Step 7: Verify the information that you entered is correct and click Submit. If you need to make any changes, click Previous.

* Once the category has been created, you can then go to the Account Detail page and assign it to the appropriate transaction.