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How do I set up Alerts?

To set up your Alerts:

  1. Log in to your Regions Online Banking and select INSIGHTS tab from your Account Overview.
  2. Select Alerts from the My GreenInsights Dashboard.
  3. Select Add an Alert to get started.
  4. Choose your Alert type:
    • Account Balance Alerts
    • Spending Target Exceeded
    • Bill Reminder Alerts
    • Large Transaction Alert
    • Goal Progress Alert
    • Specific Store Alerts
  5. Choose the Alert Options:
    • Email
    • Text Message
  6. Select Add Alert. Be sure that you are prepared to receive these alerts as you requested. Keep in mind that there is often a slight delay between triggering an alert and receiving it.

To stop receiving text Alerts, log in to Regions Online Banking, select “Alerts” in the Insights section and remove the mobile number entered.