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How do I respond to email, text and phone fraud?

If you frequently use electronic communication — and even if you don’t — you may have noticed an increase in fraud schemes known as “phishing” or “smishing.” These scams may be initiated through unsolicited emails, text messages and toll-free numbers that mimic messages from a reputable company. When they target banking customers, they most often use links, attachments and fake websites to steal valuable personal and financial information from unaware consumers.

Please forward any suspicious emails, text messages, phone call information or related items to Regions will quickly take steps to have the fraudulent phone scams and websites shut down.

Do not respond to emails, texts or phone calls asking you to verify account or personal details or those asking you to activate a service. Remember that Regions will never call you to ask for sensitive information, including one-time codes, usernames, passwords and PINs. You can provide this information to a trusted Regions banker only if you have reached out to us for customer support. Learn more about protecting yourself online.