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Is Regions Online Banking secure?

Yes. Encryption is used on our website whenever you are asked to enter confidential information such as your personal account data. Using encryption between our server and your browser, we are able to encrypt or scramble the information to create a private session that only you and the Regions systems can understand. You can tell you have entered a secure session in several ways. Whenever you see an unbroken key or a locked padlock icon on the bottom of your browser screen, you have entered an encrypted session. In addition, when your session changes from "http" to "https," it has been encrypted.

In addition to encryption, we protect your account information by placing it under access controls requiring an Online ID and password. When you finish your banking, select Log Out in the upper right corner of the page to end your session (do not use the back button). This ensures the next time you or anyone else tries to view the page, they have to log in to view account information. For added security during logoff, close your browser, especially if you are using a computer in a public facility such as an airport or library.