Regions Help & Support


What can I do if I’m having problems with my one-time code?

If you selected a delivery method (mobile phone number* or email) but have not received your one-time code, try a different delivery method. For instance, if you elected to receive the code via email, go back and choose text message instead.

When/if you receive messages from Regions may depend on factors outside of our control, including your email provider and mobile carrier, and your email, device and app settings. If you're still having problems getting or using your one-time code, you may need to review our frequently asked questions about one-time codes or contact us by phone

*Your mobile carrier’s messaging and data rates may apply.

What happens if I entered the wrong one-time code?

After a certain number of incorrect code attempts, your account access may be locked. At that time, you'll be presented with an opportunity to validate your identity and change your password. You can use that new password to restore access and log in online or in the app.