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What is a one-time code and why am I receiving it?

What is a one-time code?

A one-time code is a unique code that we’ll send as a (SMS) text* or email. We send the code to the most recent mobile phone number and/or email you have provided to us. If you need to update your contact information, choose Settings from the Customer Service menu in Online Banking.

Please note: A contact update can take several days to take effect. When/if you receive messages from Regions may depend on factors outside of our control, including your email provider and mobile carrier, and your email, device and app settings. 

The one-time code is what’s known as “multifactor authentication,” acting as an identity check, to confirm that it’s you interacting with your account(s) online and in the app. The code shouldn’t be given to anybody else, and we will never contact you asking for this code. However, if you initiate contact with our customer service team, we may need to ask for your code in order to provide assistance.

*Your mobile carrier’s messaging and data rates may apply.

Why am I receiving a one-time code when trying to log in to Online Banking?

A one-time code is triggered when our security system recognizes something different or outside of your typical online behavior. This helps protect your account(s) from potential fraudsters.