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Where can I review an overdraft notice?

View in Online Banking: Whenever we assess overdraft fees or overdraft protection transfer fees, copies of overdraft notices and overdraft protection transfer notices will be available in your account transaction history in Regions Online Banking.

Email Notification: We will send you overdraft and other account-related notifications by email if you are enrolled in online statements. An email alert can reach you days before a mailed notice would. If you do not want email notices for overdrafts or other account notifications and instead prefer to receive them by mail, you must unenroll in online statements. This will result in your periodic statement and any future overdraft, overdraft protection transfer or other account-related notices being mailed to the address on file for your account.

If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking or online statements, you can still benefit from the alerts service. Provided you are the eligible account holder and have a valid email address on file with Regions, you will automatically receive courtesy email alerts* for overdrafts and overdraft protection transfers.

Mail: If you are not enrolled in online statements, a mailed notice will be sent to the address on file for your account. 

*We can provide email alerts only if you have provided your email address to us. We provide email alerts as a courtesy and disclaim any liability in the event of an alert delivery failure or delay. We may modify or discontinue email alerts at any time and without notice to you. If you are a Regions Online Banking customer, you can find information on how to keep your contact information current for these communications from Regions.