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How can I change the email address an alert is coming to?

Regions will send you automatic security alerts to notify you and confirm maintenance online – such as a change of your email address or phone number, your online password, or even a change of mailing address or order for checks or a debit card.

These alerts are sent to your primary email address. To edit the primary email address for your personal accounts, select Settings from the Customer Service tab, then Email Address from the Contact & Security Info section. On the Manage Contact & Security page, use the edit icon to make your updates. (For business accounts, please update your contact information with your Business Banker or branch of account.)

To edit the email address on one of your optional alerts, select Alerts from the Customer Service tab, then choose the alert you wish to edit. Use the drop-down menu beside the email icon to select email addresses for notification. Optional alerts can be sent to multiple email addresses.