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What alerts are available in Mobile Banking?

  • Negative Balance: Receive an alert any time using your ATM or CheckCard causes your selected account’s available balance to be $0.00 or less.
  • Overdraft Fee: Receive an alert any time your checking account has overdrawn and an overdraft protection transfer fee or overdraft fee has been assessed.
  • Deposit Confirmation: Receive an alert for each deposit made to your account, so you know when your account balance includes new funds. This includes automatic Social Security deposits, payroll, checks deposited at the ATM and more.
  • Balance Threshold: Receive an alert any time your balance goes below a threshold that you set.
  • Check Cleared: Receive an alert when each check you have written (includes checks converted to electronic payments) has cleared your account.
  • ATM/CheckCard Transaction: Receive an alert every time you use your ATM or CheckCard.