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Why can't I turn off some alerts?

Regions will send you banking alerts automatically via email to confirm online account maintenance – such as a change to your address or phone number, password or other profile details — and to notify you about certain activity, such as overdrafts or debit card orders. These are in place for security reasons or to communicate time-sensitive information and cannot be turned off.

These alerts are sent to the primary email address we have on file. Please be sure to keep your primary email address and mobile number up to date so that you will receive alerts in a timely manner. To edit the primary email address for your personal accounts:

  • In Online Banking, choose Settings from the Customer Service tab.
  • In the app, choose Contact Info from the Settings menu.

Keep in mind that updating the email for your profile in Settings will not change your email address for receiving account-related notifications or custom account alerts. You can manage those preferences separately.