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What security methods are used to protect my Online Statements?

Because an Online ID and Password are required to access your Online Statement, personal information is more secure than in your mailbox, where identity thieves can easily grab your paper statements or canceled checks. Regions also uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your confidential information is protected 24 hours a day.

Regions uses the latest encryption technology to secure your data. Encryption is the process of transforming data into a form unreadable to anyone except those who possess the decryption key. For your protection, we use 128-bit encryption throughout our Online Banking site. For more information about recommended browsers that support 128-bit encryption, see our Login and Security page. Regions uses digital certificates to ensure that when you access our secured websites, you are communicating with Regions and not an imposter.

Regions servers are physically secured and monitored 24 hours a day. They are also protected by Internet firewalls. To prevent unauthorized access to your accounts when you step away from your computer, your Online Banking session automatically signs off after 10 minutes. It is recommended that you sign off or close your browser after completing your banking session.

What security methods are used to protect my Online Statements?