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Is there a cost to deposit my check with Regions Mobile Deposit?

It depends on how quickly you request those funds to be available. When making a deposit using the app, you will choose how soon you want to access your funds. We offer two availability options*:

  • Available for Processing Tonight, at no charge.
  • Available Immediately for a fee of one to four percent of the check amount, with a five-dollar minimum.

While using the app to Make a Deposit, select Learn More to view all details on processing and fees. You will also see fee information reveal as you choose between options for Available for Processing Tonight and Available Immediately, and view a confirmation screen of deposit funds and any fees, if applicable.

Visit our mobile deposit informational page to see step-by-step instructions on making a deposit using the app, or watch a video.

To learn more about the mobile app, take a video tour of popular features and view details of ways you can easily bank on the go, visit our mobile app page


*Funds availability may be delayed beyond the availability option you have selected if your deposit account is inactive or not in good standing or in order to mitigate risk of error, fraud, or other loss to us. Funds availability options are offered in our sole and absolute discretion. We recommend that you contact us before using the service if you are uncertain whether your deposit account is inactive or not in good standing. When using Mobile Deposit to load funds to a Now Card, only the Available Immediately option is available.