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How Do I Enable QuickBooks by Intuit®?

Follow these easy instructions to activate your QuickBooks account. If you have questions during the account activation process, select “More.”

1. From the Online menu, choose “Online Banking” and then “Getting Started.”

2. Select “Enable Accounts” and “OK” when you see a message about closing all windows, and then “Next.”

3. Choose your financial institution from the drop-down list and select “Next.”

4. If your financial institution is not on the list, select "My financial institution is not on the list," and then “Next.” 

5. Follow the instructions to connect to the Internet to add it to the list. When the connection is finished, you'll return to account setup and your financial institution will appear in the field. Select "I would like to enter information for my account at . . ." and then select Next.

6. Confirm that you have the login information for your financial institution and select “Next.”

7. Enter your Routing Number and Federal Tax ID without any dashes or spaces and select “Next.” (Note: Your financial institution may use your Social Security number as your Federal Tax ID. So, check your account information to determine the correct number to enter.)

8. Select the appropriate option for the account you're enabling. You can enable multiple accounts. You'll be prompted later for the additional accounts. To enable an existing QuickBooks account for online banking, select "Use my existing QuickBooks account". Choose the account you want to enable. Then select “Next.” To create a new QuickBooks account for online banking, click "Create a new QuickBooks account", then select “Next.” Follow the onscreen instructions to enter new account information.

9. Continue to follow the onscreen instructions and select “Next” when you've completed each page. Refer to the information your financial institution provided and be sure to include any leading zeroes on account numbers..

10. When you're finished, you'll see a summary screen to review the account information you entered. When you've completed the process, select “Leave.”