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Is there a limit to how much money I can send using Zelle®?

Yes. For security reasons, we set restriction on number of transactions and dollar limits, and they may vary by account. You can view the limits within the Regions Online Banking or Regions Mobile Banking app each time you initiate a transaction.

Sending limits: For your security, we restrict the amount of money you can send to recipients. There are daily and 30-day (rolling) limits. The amounts you can send daily and over 30 days will vary based on your funding account, your recipient and the transaction history for each recipient.

Finding your sending limit: To see how much you can send using Zelle®, log in to your Online Banking account or the Regions Mobile Banking app. Once in Zelle®, select Send. In the middle of the screen under the amount, tap Limit for more information regarding your Zelle® sending limit.

Receiving limits: We do not limit how much money you can receive with Zelle®. However, the sender may be subject to limits on how much they can send.