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What are the fees for overdrafts?

The Paid Overdraft Item fee is $36 per item and is subject to change. There is no charge to your checking, savings or money market account if we do not pay a check or other item due to insufficient funds and the item is returned. We do not charge a transfer fee for Overdraft Protection transfers.

If your account is a personal or small business account, Regions will charge you no more than three (3) Paid Overdraft Item fees per day. When the available balance in your personal or small business account is overdrawn by $5 or less after end-of-day processing, we will not charge you a Paid Overdraft Item fee for items that post that day.

Regions Overdraft Grace gives you an opportunity to avoid Paid Overdraft Item fees if you overdraw your account. Learn more about Regions Overdraft Grace.

Review the various overdraft options for more information.