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How are the monthly payments on Term It plans calculated?

For any Term It plan we offer, we determine the monthly payment by calculating the amount that would be required to pay off the purchase placed in that plan over the designated repayment period with interest at the designated Annual Percentage Rate (APR), assuming every payment will be made on the Payment Due Date. As explained more fully in the Credit Card Agreement, the actual interest charged on any plan will be calculated as described in the “Interest Charges” section. This means that, if you do not make each plan payment by the Payment Due Date, you may not pay off the plan before it expires and is transferred to your purchase balance. It also means that, if any interest is due on your account for a billing cycle and your account is subject to a Minimum Interest Charge, we will charge you at least the Minimum Interest Charge, even if less interest had accrued on a plan during that billing cycle.