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Which purchases are eligible for Term It?

Term It is available to qualifying cardholders on eligible purchases.

An eligible purchase transaction for Term It is a purchase that has posted to your credit card account recently (generally, within the past two billing cycles) and are at least a specified dollar amount that we determine (generally $100). Eligible purchases will be identified within Regions Online Banking or the mobile app under the Term It tab.

Please note, eligibility to convert a purchase is based on a variety of factors, including the status of your credit card account and your credit and payment history.

You may not see any Term It offers because:

  • None of your purchases meet our criteria for a Term It offer
  • Introductory or other promotional Annual Percentage Rates currently apply to your account
  • Your account is closed to new charges.

We have no obligation to make Term It offers, and we may choose not to make offers if a payment on your account has been late or returned unpaid to us for any reason, or your account is otherwise in default under the Credit Card Agreement.