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How do I close my account and are there any penalties?

To close an InvestPathTM account:

  • Log in to your AdviceWorksSM investment account platform.
  • From the “My Accounts” page, use the “I would like to” menu to select “Withdraw money from my account.”
  • Select the check box “Full Redemption: Withdraw the full amount out of my account.”
  • Select the Submit button to complete your closure.

Please note the following fees:

  • IRA accounts are subject to $135 IRA Termination Fee. Withdrawals from a Traditional IRA before you reach age 59½ are considered “early” or “premature” distributions. Unless you qualify for an exception, you will incur a 10% early withdrawal tax penalty when you file your tax return. For more information, contact your tax professional.
  • There is no termination fee for Individual or Joint investment accounts.