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What are the benefits of borrowing using the equity in my home?

Here are some of the benefits of leveraging the equity in your home:

Lower Interest Rates: You can get a lower interest rate on a home equity loan or line of credit compared to most credit cards, auto loans and unsecured lines of credit.

Debt Consolidation:
Using your home's equity to pay off high-interest rate debt, such as credit cards, is the smart way to improve your cash flow.

Home Improvements:
Investing money in home improvements actually helps to build equity while borrowing against it.

Emergencies: It is comforting to know that the financial power of your home can help during an illness, loss or another emergency.

Education: For many people, a home equity loan or line of credit is the only resource available to finance college, graduate or technical schools or other educational endeavors.

Business Startups: A home equity loan or line of credit can provide much-needed and hard-to-get start-up capital for your business.