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How do I activate a Savings Secured Credit Line - Digital Loan Offer?

The Savings Secured Credit Line offer can only be activated via Regions Online Banking. If a Regions Savings Secured Line of Credit banner is displayed on your Account Summary screen, activation is just a few clicks away. Eligible customers must first review and accept the Regions Saving Secured Credit Line Account Agreement and Disclosures.

Once the Account Agreement and Disclosures (Terms and Conditions) have been accepted, we will accept your activation and open your account via Regions Online Banking. After your account is opened, advances can be made via Online Banking, by visiting your local Regions branch, or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-231-7493.

Please note that an invitation to activate a Savings Secured Credit Line account that appears in Regions Online Banking may be withdrawn at any time before we open the account. Please also note that any individual who has access to your Online Banking credentials may activate your credit line offer and take advances through Online Banking. Please see your Online Banking Service Agreement for more details.