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How do I load funds to my Now Card?

You can load funds to your Now Card at any Regions branch or DepositSmart ATM, via online banking, with your mobile device or at any Visa ReadyLink location. Certain load transactions are subject to fees.

At a Regions Branch

Tellers can take cash or make a transfer from your Regions checking or savings account. You can also load cash at the branch using our check cashing service (check cashing fees may apply).

At a Regions DepositSmart ATM

You can load cash onto your Now Card by using it at any Regions DepositSmart ATM.


You can transfer funds to your Now Card over the phone or at a branch from your existing Regions checking or savings account. If you are enrolled in Regions Online Banking, you may transfer funds onto your Now Card online.

Direct Deposit

You can sign up to have your employer automatically load your card with payroll funds. Simply provide your employer with your Now Card routing number and card number (see below).

Mobile Deposit

You can load funds to your Now Card using the Mobile Remote Deposit Capture “Available Immediately” option through the Regions Mobile App as long as you have a compatible device and are enrolled in Regions Online Banking. Mobile Deposit transactions are subject to fees, and messaging and data fees from your mobile carrier may also apply.


Load your Now Card at participating merchants where you see the Visa ReadyLink symbol. For more information and a list of participating merchants visit the ReadyLink site

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