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How do I earn Rewards points?

Once you are enrolled in the program with a Rewards credit card account or any Regions personal checking account, you start earning points.

If you have a Prestige, Student, Platinum, Signature or Business Enhanced account, you earn 1 point for each $1 spent on qualifying purchases. [Points are earned for all qualifying purchases on all credit cards issued to the account, including cards issued to any joint account holders and authorized users (for Prestige, Premium, Student, Platinum, Signature and Signature Preferred Accounts), and cards issued to employees and business owners (for Business Enhanced Accounts), but only the Primary Account Holder may redeem these Points.].

If you have a Premium or Signature Preferred account, you earn 1.5 points for each $1 spent on qualifying purchases [Points are earned on the purchase price of new retail purchases charged to your Rewards Credit Card Account. Points may be debited for any credit given to you in connection with a previous purchase (for example, when a purchase is returned). No Points are earned for balance transfers, cash advances (including purchases of items that can be traded right away for cash, such as wire transfers, money orders, traveler’s checks, lottery tickets or casino chips), fees, interest charges, or for unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.].

We occasionally offer special promotions that allow you to earn additional points for certain types or amounts of purchases on your Rewards credit card account or for other activities. Any such offer will be subject to the Regions Relationship Rewards Program terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions provided with the offer.  Please refer to the Rewards points guidelines for more details. You can continue to earn points so long as Regions, in its sole discretion, determines that you and your account are eligible for participation in the program.

How do I earn Rewards points? | Regions