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Who is eligible to participate in the Relationship Rewards program?

To participate in this program, you must be the primary account holder on a Relationship Rewards credit card account such as Regions Prestige Visa® or Regions Premium Visa®. The account holder is automatically enrolled in the program. Interested? Learn more about our Relationship Rewards program and earning points.

Before October 22, 2019, customers who had a Regions personal checking account (but not a Relationship Rewards credit card account) could enroll in this program and earn points for certain banking activity (such as having or maintaining certain other Regions accounts, making bill payments through Regions Online Banking, or making deposits at a Regions ATM). After changes to this program become effective on October 22, 2019, Regions no longer awards points in connection with a Regions personal checking account. If you previously earned points in connection with a checking account but do not have a Relationship Rewards credit card account, learn how you can redeem those points.