Protect Yourself Against Card Fraud

Debit, credit, and prepaid cards provide a convenient way to access your funds – but they can also be a potential target for fraudsters. Here are a few basic tips for protecting your card accounts:

Keep an eye on your card activity

  • Review activity on your Regions cards through Regions Online Banking, the mobile app or your monthly paper or electronic statement. Immediately report anything that looks suspicious.
  • If you receive a Regions card fraud alert by phone, text or email about a suspicious transaction, respond immediately to let us know whether the transaction is legitimate. You only need to respond “Yes” or “No”; Regions will not ask you for account information in fraud alerts. Your quick response could help us stop further unauthorized transactions if someone else has accessed your card information.

Keep your personal information...personal

  • Don't respond to unsolicited emails, phone calls or text messages asking for account or card numbers, or other personal information.
  • Never share your PIN numbers or your Regions Online Banking User ID or password with anyone. When Regions initiates contact with you, we will never ask you to provide your card PIN or your Online Banking User ID or password in a call, text or other communication.
  • Don't share personal or account information on social media sites or respond to messages from unreliable sources.

Keep a step ahead

  • Verify that Regions has your current address, email address and phone number. This helps us if we need to contact you about account activity or to confirm your identity when we speak with you.
  • Sign up for a variety of alerts about activity on your Regions accounts, including transaction alerts, by logging in to Regions Online Banking and clicking the Customer Service tab.
  • Use the Regions LockIt ® controls in your Regions mobile app or Online Banking to lock and unlock different types of card transactions, especially if your card is ever lost or stolen.

The information presented is general in nature. Regions reminds its customers that they should be vigilant about fraud and security, and that they are responsible for taking action to protect their computer systems. Fraud prevention requires a continuous review of your policies and practices, as the threat evolves daily. There is no guarantee that fraudulent transactions will be prevented or that related financial losses will not occur.