Video Banking: Understanding VTMs

You're likely very familiar with ATMs, but there's a new machine showing up at bank locations. Video banking ATMs, also known as VTMs, offer a personalized experience outside of typical bank hours.

What's the difference? A traditional ATM offers balance inquiries, withdrawals, deposits, and transfers when you use your debit card. But if you have banking needs beyond making a simple withdrawal or deposit, ATMs may fall short.

Now you have another option: The customized features of a VTM allow you to speak directly with a bank representative, in addition to typical ATM functions.

"Think of it as a multifunction machine," says Kimberly Jones, Assistant Vice President, Payment Solutions, Regions Bank. "You can walk up to the machine, insert your card, and make an ATM withdrawal — or you can walk up, press a button, and talk to a video banker." A VTM would be the optimal choice if you have any banking needs other than making a simple withdrawal or deposit. 

If you're considering using a video banking ATM, here are four features you can utilize.

1. No Debit Card or PIN Needed

Even if you've lost your debit card, left it at home, or forgot your PIN, you can still securely withdraw money from a VTM. Because you're connecting face-to-face with a banking representative, you'll be able to prove your identity by answering security questions and showing photo identification. "If you would prefer not to speak your information aloud, there is also a chat function where you can correspond through typing with the video banker," says Jones. 

2. Enhanced Withdrawal Features

Whereas ATMs generally only provide cash in the form of twenty-dollar bills, VTMs allow you to cash a check precise to the dollar and receive cash in requested denominations. Additionally, VTMs have a higher withdrawal limit, which allows you to take out more cash in a day than you could at an ATM.

3. Banking Questions Answered

While you can't open or close an account through a VTM, you can change an address connected to your account, set an appointment, or ask basic account questions.

4. Flexible Hours

Video bankers are available seven days a week before and after traditional banking hours. If you lose your debit card on a Sunday or an evening, and need to withdraw cash, a VTM can help.

Speaking with a bank representative at a VTM can simplify personal banking and increase accessibility. Consider stopping by a VTM the next time you need help managing your account after hours.

Regions Video Banking ATM Hours (CT) are as follows:
Monday–Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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