Insights Magazine Winter 2017

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Staying Resilient

Everybody loves a comeback story, whether it’s the underdog in your favorite movie or a downtrodden sports team that captures the championship. Resilience comes in many forms but rarely happens by accident. In sports, business and your personal finances, thriving amid adversity usually depends on careful preparation with clear goals in mind.

We’re devoting this winter issue of Insights to resilience in its many forms. In our cover story, “Finding Resilience” (page 6), you’ll see why humans are naturally geared to emerge stronger from adversity. As part of that feature, learn how legendary quarterback Tim Tebow combines optimism, hard work and faith to navigate life’s next adventures (page 9).

And in “Women and Finances: The Three Ps” (page 12), learn three practical steps for managing financial matters.”

Inside you’ll also find options for choosing the right retirement plan for you and your employees (“Pick Your Plan,” page 10). As tax season approaches, consider why tax efficiency can be just as important as investing success when it comes to what you actually get to keep (“A Less-Taxing Investment Approach,” page 4). Plus, look at how the chief resilience officer for Dallas is helping her city overcome its challenges (“Making Dallas Stronger,” page 13).

Give Your Giving a Boost

How donating appreciated assets can deliver more value. p1

Home Sweet Home, Again

Smart planning if and when your kids return home to the nest after college. p2

Upside-Down Lending

Tips for finding yield amid negative interest rates. p3

A Less-Taxing Investment Approach

A look at tax-aware investing strategies to help reduce the impact of levies on investment income. p4

Finding Resilience

In uncertain times, it’s how you bounce back that matters. Plus, sports figure Tim Tebow talks about resilience, on and off the field. p6

Pick Your Plan

The right retirement plan can help you make a worthwhile investment in your employees’ futures. p10

Women and Finances: The Three Ps

Insight to help women build financial resilience. p12

Making Dallas Stronger

Learn how Chief Resilience Officer Theresa O’Donnell is helping her city bounce back. p13


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