Commercial Insights Magazine Winter 2021

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Over the last year, we’ve all learned how to be more resilient, both as business leaders and as people. That journey isn’t over yet. In the coming months, resilience will continue to be just as important.

Business leaders are rethinking everything from their office space to their financial forecasting in order to incorporate the lessons learned over the last 12 months. We realize that with so much change in the air, business leaders are hungry for continual conversations about what’s new, what’s shifting, and how they can best position themselves moving forward. We hope it will be a helpful resource for you as you navigate the coming months.

Connecting with New Hires in a Virtual World

How to adapt your recruiting and onboarding efforts for a remote work environment. p4

Trading Spaces

Weighing the decision to downsize your real estate footprint? Here’s what to consider. p6

An Ounce of Prevention, A Pound of Cure

How scenario planning may help healthcare organizations withstand continued disruption. p8

Your Long-Term Plan for Resilience

This past year has underscored the importance of business resilience. Here’s how to bake it into your business model. p10

The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

Why approaching diversity and inclusion as separate, complementary parts is key to success. p14

Persisting in Turbulent Times

How to plan your investments in the midst of volatility. p16

Emerging Stronger

How to evaluate and strengthen your business continuity plan — and where to turn for support. p18


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