Winter 2018 Commercial Insights

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Strategy and Execution (What Businesses Shouldn’t Learn the Hard Way)

In running a business, no matter what size, you’re responsible for a daunting array of decisions. You have to keep your company’s many moving parts humming along while you prepare for the future, adapt to change—and grow.

In putting together this issue of Commercial Insights magazine, we examined a few vital concerns that business leaders face every day. Starting with the big picture, “Strategy and Execution: What Businesses Shouldn’t Learn the Hard Way” offers insights about the importance of being nimble when executing a strategic plan.

At the same time, business owners are always reacting to new regulations. In “The New Reality for Plan Sponsors,” we look at new responsibilities— and exposure to risk—falling on employers as a result of new U.S. Department of Labor rules. This issue also dives into business development, in “Marketing Is Not Optional,” delivering tips on how to get the most out of your company’s public footprint, while “Should You Be Your Own Landlord?” weighs the pros and cons of owning versus renting the real estate where you operate. On a more personal note, “Be A Better Boss” looks into the ways your employees perceive you, and its effect on all aspects of your business.

It’s an issue as varied and rich as the life and responsibilities of any business owner, and a reflection of Regions’ deep and abiding commitment to your success on every level.

Being Your Own Landlord
The pros and cons of owning the space where you do business. p1

Be a Better Boss
A few simple self-assessment exercises may make you a more effective manager. p2

Finding Growth by Going Green
Position your company to benefit from the growing interest in environment-friendly business practices. p3

Marketing is Not Optional
In a highly competitive environment, failing to have a marketing strategy can be a costly mistake. p4

Focus on the Execution
How to adapt to the unexpected and give your strategy the best chance to succeed. p6

The Search for Yield
Generating income in low-rate markets could require creative thinking. Consider these options. p10

New 401(k) Regulations
What you need to know about the fiduciary rules for company retirement plans. p12

How Sweet It Is
A look at how Regions aided Milo’s Tea in company expansion and revenue growth. p13