The Future of Retail

Episode 29 - Commercial Insights with Regions Bank

Mention the word “cart” today, and a person is as likely to think of an online shopping cart as a squeaky-wheeled physical cart. World events have pushed digital acceleration of retail forward at a breakneck pace, but what’s the state of the industry now? On this episode, we examine which trends and innovations have caught on with consumers, and which ones are likely to stay into the future. We explore how retailers work to create consistent experiences across physical and virtual platforms. And we look at the present and future of shopping as we know it — and what that means for retail businesses.

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Meet the Speaker

Karthik Easwar, Associate Teaching Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University
Dr. Easwar teaches principles of marketing and consumer behavior across various degree programs at Georgetown University. He is also the Director of the Business Scholars Program at MSB. Easwar’s expertise lies in consumer psychology with interests and research focus on the influence of affect, emotion and prospection on consumer information processing and decision-making. Easwar has also written cases for Harvard Business Publishing examining various global business challenges. Additionally, he has conducted the Global Business Experience in Vietnam, India, and Chile.

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