Commercial Insights Magazine Summer 2017

Commercial Insights offers Regions Commercial Banking’s perspective on current economic issues and supports our efforts to provide our clients with tools and expertise that provide actionable insights for their business. Download the Commercial Insights magazine Summer 2017 issue.

Better Ways To Pay

In putting together this issue of Commercial Insights magazine, we started with you. Our Commercial Bankers listen to your perspectives and concerns about everything from the new administration in Washington to risk management — and what you’re doing to make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

In this issue, technology is a recurring theme. “IT Solutions: Should You Rent or Buy? goes to the heart of a crucial question with financial and operational implications, while “How to Take Advantage of Mobile Business Technology” offers ideas for using smartphones to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. “Maintaining the Right Amount of Inventory” explores a subject that can have a major impact on your company’s operations and profitability, and “Better Ways to Pay?” considers a future in which paper checks are replaced by faster and easier electronic options. Also, “What Washington’s Changes Could Mean” looks at how possible regulatory, health-law and tax changes coming from Washington could affect your business.

The goal of our Commercial Bankers is to understand your business and help you find the resources you need. In fact, in recognition of their work on your behalf, we recently received 10 Greenwich Excellence Awards for small-business banking, middle-market banking and wealth management. These awards, from the management services firm Greenwich Associates, reflect your satisfaction with what our bankers do for you daily. We salute them, and hope that you’ll find their insights in these pages useful for your business.

Family Meetings that Work
Your family business is central to your legacy. Here’s how to get your family on the same page. p1

Mobile Business Technology
5 steps for developing an effective mobile strategy for your business p2

IT: Should You Rent or Buy?
If you’re considering outsourcing your IT solutions, these variables can help you decide. p3

Managing Your Inventory
Here’s how to make sure you’re stocked just right for your business needs — and profits. p4

Better Ways To Pay?
The latest in electronic payment technologies and how they can help increase company efficiency p6

Washington Outlook
Regions insights about how potential tax, health and regulatory reform may affect your portfolio p10

4 Tips for Fraud Prevention
Technology, training and vigilance can help protect your customers, profits and reputation. p12

Getting a Lift for Growth
How Regions helped industrial crane company DESHAZO rise to new heights p13


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