Commercial Insights Magazine Summer 2019

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When you own a business, you’re always looking toward what comes next. It may be the next market, the next product, the next money-saving technology or even the next strategy. It’s a lot to keep track of, but you’re expected to do more than that: You have to stay ahead.

Here’s what to expect in the Summer 2019 issue of Commercial Insights Magazine Summer 2019 issue.

When Software Is the Solution

Choosing the right software for your company can make all the difference. p1

A Better Workplace

Light and flexibility can boost the productivity and morale of your office. p2

Get Your T&E Expenses Under Control

Travel and entertainment spending may be unavoidable, but here’s how to keep it in check. p4

Raising Crops Amid Rising Costs

Agriculture comes with constantly shifting costs and prices. Here’s how to manage those risks. p5

Your Business: Making the Transition

Whether a succession or sale, leaving your company requires early and extensive planning. p6

The Big Pivot

A detailed financial plan can help smooth your transition into retirement. p10

The Link to Fresh Liquidity

Finding cash flow for your budding business can be as simple as looking toward your supply chain. p12

Email Fraud: What You Need to Know

Keep your business safe with these key tips p13


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