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The Future of Work is Now

The new year has brought some relief from a tumultuous era — and even cause for a little cautious optimism. Vaccination rates are up, schools are slowly reopening, and many employees are feeling comfortable returning to the office. Over the past year, we’ve learned new ways to innovate the ways we work and interact with one another. And in the coming months, we’ll see business leaders apply those lessons to create stronger and more adaptable organizations.

It’s no secret that the American workplace has been changed by the pandemic. Our feature story, New Trends in the Post-Pandemic Workplace" (Page 10), discusses this shift, exploring how many organizations have adopted a more flexible, people-centric approach to work. Of course, the pandemic also exposed the inherent weaknesses in supply chains worldwide. In Unmasking Supply Chain Vulnerabilities (Page 14), we examine lessons learned, and what businesses can do to mitigate future risks. Finally, a new administration coupled with federal regulations bring with them some different considerations for business leaders, which we explore in our business intelligence piece The Potential Impacts of a New Political Administration.

For more on issues shaping business, be sure to check out our brand-new podcast series, Commercial Insights with Regions Bank. Each episode features leading industry professionals sharing their insights on these matters and more.

Using Big Data to Drive Decisions

Navigate how to put your data to good use. p4

Investing in an Employee Financial Wellness Program

Read how investing in your workers' financial well-being may benefit your bottom line. p6

Profitability or Growth: Measuring Success in Your Businesses

Understand how to determine your top priorities. p8

New Trends in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Discover how employees and workers can benefit from the workplace disruption. p10

Unmasking Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Learn what companies can do to mitigate future supply chain disruption. p14

Discussions About Your Legacy

Ensure your family is on the best path possible for the future. p16

Taking Advantage of the Low-Rate Environment

Weighing the pros and cons of a low-rate environment. p18


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