Commercial Insights Magazine Summer 2022

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Roadmap to Transformation

With the increasing demands from Consumers, many C-suite leaders are facing a unique challenge: how to best navigate this fast-changing landscape in a way that makes sense for their business. This issue of Commercial Insights Magazine covers this new business paradigm in depth, offering insights and strategies to help your business adapt, thrive, and ultimately, succeed.

For publicly traded companies, environ¬mental, social, and governance (ESG) goals have been front of mind for several years. However, in today's world, it's a topic that's becoming increasingly important for all business leaders to consider. In Understanding ESG (page 8), we offer tips on how to identify and implement initiatives in a way that is both authentic and makes sense for your organization.

Then, of course, there's the issue of inflation — a topic I had the pleasure of discussing in Episode 16 of our podcast series, Commercial Insights with Regions Bank. In Inflation and Your Business (page 14), we take the conversation even further, offering tactical tips to help businesses minimize the impact of this inflationary period. Finally, over the last year, many organizations have faced significant challenges with hiring, engagement, and retention. In Overcoming the Great Resignation (page 10) and Beating Burnout (page 3), we explore the factors driving this trend, offering insightful, actionable tips designed to help reduce turnover and improve employee engagement.

Finally, we've shared a range of strategies to help your business navigate challenges, prepare for the future, and make the most of opportunities on the horizon our podcast series, Commercial Insights with Regions Bank. New season 2 episodes are available to stream at or on your favorite podcast platform.

Beating Burnout

Four simple highly effective strategies organizations can implement to prevent employee burnout. p3

Out of Bounds

In a tight labor market, hiring out-of-state workers may have its benefits, but it's not without risk. p4

Collection Notice

Learn why now is an important time for companies of all sizes to review their data collection practices. p6

Understanding ESG

Establishing the right ESG goals today can help your business stay ahead of the curve. p8

Inflation and Your Business

Why now is an important time to evaluate your approach to cash flow management. p14

Managing Your Finances in Wake of Loss

Learn how to approach financial decisions and build a supportive team after the loss of a loved one. p16

Going Global: How to Reduce Export Risks

Thinking of exporting goods or services internationally? Here's how to expand your business while mitigating risk. p18


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