Commercial Insights Magazine Winter 2017

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Ready, Set, Grow

As someone who runs a business, you know that where your company is now matters less than where it will be in the next month, year or decade. Meeting your projections for the kind of growth you envision usually means embracing change on many levels, including adopting mushrooming technology to improve productivity, harnessing Big Data to make essential decisions about everything from treasury management to marketing and fostering innovation to propel new products or services.

But change also brings fresh challenges, and in this inaugural issue of Commercial Insights magazine, we call upon professionals inside and outside of Regions to help you understand and respond to the issues your company faces every day. “Build a Cybersecurity Fortress” describes effective steps you and your employees can take to protect your company’s—and your customers’—data, while “A Time to Sell?” looks at the complex factors that can affect the timing of such a landmark decision. “Ready, Set, Grow” offers ideas for company expansion, and “Smart Growth: More Than Dollars and Cents” takes you inside one company’s planned acquisition. Other stories consider legacy planning and what your veteran employees may learn from your newest employees.

We want this new magazine to serve you, just as our knowledgeable and experienced Commercial Bankers do, as a valuable, trusted resource dedicated to understanding your business and offering actionable insights to help you meet challenges.

Build a Cybersecurity Fortress

Secure your data without emptying your wallet. p1

A Secret Business Resource

Pairing company veterans and newcomers may boost your business. p2

Protect Your Business

A look at how key risk indicators can help keep your company one step ahead of looming issues. p3

A Time to Sell?

Three questions to ask when you’re considering the sale of your business. p4

Ready, Set, Grow

Strategies for keeping your company moving onward and upward. p6

A New View of Risk

Your guide to finding perspective on the risks you choose to take, especially in uncertain markets. p10

What’s Your Legacy?

Legacy planning goes hand in hand with business ownership. Here’s how to define yours. p12

Smart Growth: More than Dollars and Cents

How one Regions client found a path to growth. p13


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