Commercial Insights Magazine Winter 2020 Issue

Commercial Insights offers Regions Commercial Banking’s perspective on current economic issues and supports Regions’ efforts to provide our clients with tools and expertise that provide actionable insights for their business. Download the Commercial Insights Magazine Winter 2020 Issue

In any company, you count on your customers to keep you in business and your staff to take care of your customers. Your staff, in turn, counts on you to take care of them. In this issue of Commercial Insights, our industry professionals offer new strategies for taking care of your employees, your customers and your business as a whole.

Here’s what to expect in the Winter 2020 issue of Commercial Insights Magazine:

Is an App Right for Your Brand

How to assess if an app is best for your business. p1

Fraud by the Numbers

Stats on fraud, and how it can affect your bottom line. p2

What Gen Z Wants

The workplace is changing to meet the needs of its newest workers. p4

Chatbots and Customer Service

How new technology can create a better experience for your customers. p5

Compensation: Considering the Whole Picture

As the competition for talent heats up, here are some key trends to help you stay a step ahead. p6

The Business Owner’s Other Retirement Assets

Your company’s intellectual property may be more valuable than you think. p10

Training Employees on Fraud

Proactive steps, taken from within, are the key to keeping your customers and business safe. p12

Bulking Up

How partnering with Regions Bank helped FINAFLEX expand. p13


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