Commercial Insights Magazine Winter 2022

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Roadmap to Transformation

To remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape, it’s essential for all businesses to ramp up investment in technology and digital capabilities. But where should you begin? In this issue of Commercial Insights Magazine, we’re diving deep into the topic of digital transformation, helping business leaders understand the topic in accessible terms and outlining industry trends and changes that are poised to impact your business this year.

True digital transformation requires two things: new technology and operational change. In The Science of Simplicity: Using Technology to Transform Customer Experience (page 14), Chief Marketing Officer Abbas Merchant discusses how consumer behavior has shifted over the last two years and how business leaders can use technology to address those needs. In Digital Transformation Strategies (page 10), we discuss how you can more effectively leverage technology, processes, and people to improve both operational efficiency and customer experience. In Help Found: Retraining Manufacturing Workers for a Digital Age (page 8), we discuss an important piece of the puzzle: how to reinvent existing roles and retrain workers to support digital transformation.

Finally, we’ve shared a range of strategies to help your business navigate challenges, prepare for the future, and make the most of opportunities on the horizon with our new podcast series, Commercial Insights with Regions Bank. The complete first season is available to stream at or on your favorite podcast platform.

Do You Need a Cybersecurity Attorney?

How organizations that collect data or conduct business online can benefit from working with a cybersecurity attorney. p4

From Sun Belt to Tech Alley

The southeast has been called “a vibrant ecosystem teeming with a herd of the billion-dollar tech businesses.” Here’s what’s ahead for our region’s tech industry. p6

Help Found: Retraining Manufacturing Workers for a Digital Age

New technology requires new skills — ones that many manufacturing industry workers haven’t had a chance to develop yet. p8

Digital Transformation Strategies

Successful digital transformation is about far more than technology. Here’s how to develop a strategy for your organization. p10

The Science of Simplicity: Using Technology to Transform Customer Experience

CMO Abbas Merchant shares how consumer behavior has shifted over the last two years and how businesses can use technology to successfully deliver on those needs. p14

An Effective Use of Credit for Savvy Investors

There are many ways for investors to make the most of today’s low-interest rate environment, but have you considered all of your options? p16

Protecting Your Business Against Fraud

When it comes to preventing fraud, awareness is key. Learn how to detect fraud and discover resources to help you protect your business. p18


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