How many extra credit card points can I earn with Rewards Multiplier?

Maximize your rewards potential with Regions Rewards Multiplier1, a program that lets you earn extra points on your Regions Prestige credit card purchases2 based on the combined average balance in your Regions checking, savings, money market, CD and IRA accounts. If you have a checking account and a Prestige credit card, you can register today. The more you save, the more you can earn!

Register for Rewards Multiplier

To estimate how many extra points you can earn, enter the monthly spending on your eligible credit card by changing the numbers or adjusting the slider. Then select your total average monthly deposit account balance from the options. After entering your data, the calculator results will automatically update the summary statement, chart and table.


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This Program is part of the Regions Relationship Rewards program and is subject to the Regions Relationship Rewards Terms and Conditions as supplemented by the Rewards Multiplier Program Terms and Conditions.

In order for extra points to be awarded under the Rewards Multiplier program, the required checking account and other deposit accounts must be open for certain periods of time. See the Rewards Multiplier Program Terms and Conditions for details.

Any extra points awarded under this Program for a purchase on your Relationship Rewards Credit Card Account will be credited at the same time that standard points for that purchase are credited under the Regions Relationship Rewards program. See the Rewards Multiplier Program Terms and Conditions for details.

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