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Plan and Prioritize

It's hard to be fully prepared for a job loss, but if you find yourself in this situation, there's a lot you can do to respond. Spend time taking stock of where you are. Review your budget, savings and debt as you revise your short-term plans for moving forward.

Stick to a Budget

In financial uncertainty, you can regain some control by quickly prioritizing your expenses. Decide what’s non-essential and cut back or eliminate expenses in the short term. Notify creditors of your situation if you need to make special payment arrangements.

Emergency Savings

Even when fully employed, try not to dip into your emergency reserves to fund vacations, large purchases or tuition. If you do tap your emergency fund, make sure that you replenish it as soon as you can so you’ll have a safety net.

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Manage Your Debt

Even if you’re experiencing financial difficulty, it’s important to maintain good credit payment habits. Consider reducing payments to the minimum due, but don’t stop making payments. You may incur late fees or finance charge penalties.

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