Applying for a Home Loan Podcast

Home Ownership 101 Series

In this podcast Jeff Prior, a Mortgage Loan Officer for Regions Bank in Birmingham, Ala., shares helpful information for the mortgage loan application process.

Tune in through the link below to hear Jeff discuss the following:

  • What lenders generally consider when reviewing your information for loan approval
  • Steps to take when applying for a loan for your first home
  • What it means to be pre-qualified and how to navigate the process

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This Next Step Podcast is part of our Home Ownership 101 series presented by Regions Next Step –advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. From buying your first home and planning a home renovation to everything in between, Home Ownership 101 offers advice to prepare you for every step as a homeowner.

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Jeff PriorAbout Jeff Prior

Jeff Prior and his family love to travel and, in just the past few years, have visited The Tetons and Yellowstone in Wyoming, taken an Alaska cruise, been to Disney Land in California and visited Hawaii. Last year his parents celebrated their 50th anniversary by taking the family on a Mediterranean cruise.

Jeff is also an avid bike rider and recently has discovered several “rails to trails” walking and biking trails in his area. These trails are old railroads that have been converted to trails and are very beautiful places to visit, particularly with his two, recently-adopted rescue dogs, Duke and Daisy.

Jeff is originally from Chattanooga, Tenn., and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Finance in 1993. He and his family are die-hard UT Volunteers, and during the fall and winter months often head to Knoxville for football and basketball games. When not at the games they love to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to hike and be outdoors. Jeff is active in scouting and is a member of the Eagle Scout Board of Reviews. He is also active in his church community and volunteers every month to help elderly church members maintain their yards.

Jeff has been with Regions Mortgage since August 1998 and is a Mortgage Loan Officer. Jeff has 26 years of mortgage banking experience and has spent most of his career at AmSouth/Regions.

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