Moving Checklist: A Helpful Guide to Relocating

The countdown to moving day is on. Here’s a list of moving-related tasks, organized by schedule, to help take some of the stress out of your move.


30+ Days In Advance:

    • If you’re moving during the summer or on a weekend, it can pay to book as early as possible.
    • As you shop around for the best deal, check to see whether your mover has a current business license and insurance coverage (as well as what it covers).
    • If you plan to sell any furniture or other possessions during your move, begin to catalog them. Then, contact potential resale shops or post your listings online.

Two Weeks in Advance:

    • Your old service provider may not operate in your new location, so give yourself time to work through any necessary changes.
    • Your employer, the IRS, and state tax agencies.
    • Your bank(s), credit card issuer(s), and loan issuer(s).
    • The Social Security Administration
    • Your auto, health, and any other insurance providers.
    • Doctors, lawyers, schools, and any professional offices you deal with regularly.
    • Online shopping services, memberships, and subscriptions.
    • Some people prefer to pack now and sort later, others like to organize by room.
    • Wrapping fragile items with clothes or towels can help you save space, as well as money.
    • Make sure to set aside the things you need daily, and pack those last. For instance, a week’s worth of clothing and some kitchen basics.

The Final Week/When You Arrive:

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