Considerations for Homeowners Insurance Podcast

Home Ownership 101 Series

In this podcast, Kariene Fortner, Financial Wellness Regional Manager for Regions Bank from Mobile, Ala., discusses some considerations to keep in mind when buying homeowners insurance for your new home or re-evaluating your existing policy.

Listen to learn Kariene’s perspective on the following:

  • The components of a policy and what they mean
  • How these components can provide solutions for home ownership
  • Understanding terms from deductibles to what’s included in flood insurance

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This Next Step Podcast is part of our Home Ownership 101 series presented by Regions Next Step –advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. From buying your first home and planning a home renovation to everything in between, Home Ownership 101 offers advice to prepare you for every step as a homeowner.

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Kariene FortnerAbout Kariene Fortner

Growing up as an Army brat gave Kariene Fortner a unique perspective. Born in Germany, she spent most of her childhood in Hawaii, and graduated from high school in California. Her time in sunny climes sparked her affinity for a tropical paradise, which is how she ended up accepting a job offer in the retail industry and moving to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. When she isn’t helping her clients find ways to make their dreams come true, you can find Kariene living her own dreams on the boat or at the beach with her husband and rescue dogs.

As Financial Wellness Regional Manager, Kariene is passionate about setting financial goals and creating financial plans. She wants others to realize their dreams and feel like they are working hard to achieve them. Kariene loves Regions Bank’s Next Step online resources because she understands that asking for financial advice can be intimidating. Coming from a military family, she understands that many people struggle with their finances, and knows that easy access to resources can help people achieve their financial goals, just like she has.

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