Home Equity: Using Your Home as a Financial Tool

Home Ownership 101 Series

In this podcast, Kreg Newman, a Mortgage Loan Officer for Regions Bank in Birmingham, Ala., talks about your home can act as a financial tool.

Listen to learn from Kreg about the following topics:

  • Considerations when borrowing against your home
  • How to tap into your home’s equity with cash out refinance, HELOCs or HELOANs
  • How to choose which option is right for your financial goals

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This Next Step Podcast is part of our Home Ownership 101 series presented by Regions Next Step –advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. From buying your first home and planning a home renovation to everything in between, Home Ownership 101 offers advice to prepare you for every step as a homeowner.

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Kreg NewmanAbout Kreg Newman

Kreg Newman loves spending time with his wife Kellye and their two German shepherds, Gypsy and Zeke. Helping German Shepherds is a personal mission of Kreg’s, who is an active volunteer with two German Shepherd rescue organizations.

A basketball junkie who can be found waking up before the sun rises to play each morning, Kreg joined Regions in February of 2015 and is a Mortgage Loan Officer. Kreg has 17 years of experience in the mortgage industry and held Branch Manager positions prior to joining Regions Mortgage.

Originally from Stuart, Fla., Kreg is a proud Wildcat and graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in business management, followed by an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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