Finding Your Passion and the Right Mentor Podcast

Young Professionals Series

In this podcast, we discover how four successful young professionals found careers that fit their passions, as well as the keys to finding the right mentor to help grow your career and professional skillset. Hit play to hear how these young professionals balance and manage their busy schedules, use their passions to give back to their community and how important mentorship has been to the growth of their careers, as told by:

  • Gwen. A Cole, Branch Manager, Regions Bank, Parkside West Branch
  • Briana Holmes, CEO and Founder of Millennials of Atlanta
  • Joey Womack, CEO and Founder of Goodie Nation
  • Labriah Lee Holt, Outreach and Engagement Director at AIPAC

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This podcast is one of two parts recorded at a live event in Atlanta. Be sure to also take a listen to part 2 here.

This Next Step Podcast is part of our Young Professionals series presented by Regions Next Step – advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. From landing your first job to navigating the workplace and growing your career, our Young Professionals series offers you advice for every step along the way.

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About Gwen Cole
Gwen Cole is Branch Manager at Regions Banks’ Parkside West branch in Marietta, Ga. She joined Regions in February of 2010 and has now managed 5 branches across the Metro Atlanta area.

About Briana Holmes
Briana Holmes is the CEO and Founder of Millennials of Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that brings together millennials in the Atlanta area with local businesses and brands to back to the Metro-Atlanta communities.

About Joey Womack
Joey Womack is the CEO and Founder of Goodie Nation, an organization that aims to reduce basic need disparities through social impact scalable tech startups, open source software tools, and digital advocacy campaigns.

About Labriah Lee Holt
Labriah Lee Holt is the Outreach and Engagement Director at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC Is a bipartisan, non-profit organization that works to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship.